Your Value Added Reseller’s 2PS network

Our experts and fields specialists eager to integrate your software 
into their client solutions. 

A Subtle Way to Sell.

Your solutions are more likely to be implemented if recommended by a trusted business professional. Work with top 2PS professionals who have the desire to yield results for you, themselves and their clients. 

Train and Certify Top Talent

Educate 2PS members on how to sell or implement your solution.

Power Up Your Visibility

Display your app or solution on 2PS platform and have your product featured in our digital content.   

  • Train top consultants on the benefits and intricacies of your product.
  • Delegate certificates to consultants who are officially trained to sell your software.
  • Be able to target consultants in the field that most aligns with your product across finance, marketing, operations and strategy.

Create a Company Profile 

Create and display your company profile on our platform and to both clients and consultants.

Market your Content  

Post "how to guides", quality case studies, and blogs on our platform to improve your product visibility. 

Leads Through Referral  

Our network is built on referrals. If somebody likes your product, they will let somebody else in the network know.

Smarter Than a VARs Network.

2PS experts are a collective of pre-vetted consultants at the top of their field: finance, IT, operations, HR, marketing 

Our experts target fast-growing enterprises. They've had over 10 years experience at large companies and have established a range of clients accross a large selection of industries.

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Hire an Expert. Get a Network

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Target the right 2PS experts to reach the right customers

per year

A Smarter Way to Grow Satisfied Users

Introduce your software strategically through our experts global connections.

A Global Network at Your Fingertips

Go worldwide.  2PS is present in multiple countries with strong customer affiliations in each area.  When you subscribe to 2PS B2B program  you are everywhere we are - instantly. 

Choose one or more groups of consultants to target from amongst finance, marketing, operations and strategy.  We will provide a list of consultants from the requested speciality who will be able to educate consumers in the same field as your solution.

Meet groups of 2PS consultants face to face. Describe the attributes of your software and feature interactive webinars on our platform. 

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